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Michael Glaspie

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Michael Glaspie
Occupation CEO
Employer Webnet International

Michael T. Glaspie is an American entrepreneur and author. He is best know as the Chairman and Founder of Webnet International. In the late 1990's he created Spam TerminatorTM, a downloadable desktop utility. Glaspie went onto create BannersGoMLM and MySiteInc, as two online service brands later on in his career.

Glaspie has released a number of marketing books in the field of marketing.


Michael Glaspie (sometimes referred to as “Mike G”) began on the web in 1997, shortly after the Internet began to become popular. He began by creating a number of dot-com businesses.[4] Before this he released the best selling book, Hot Wires - Secrets of the 900 Number Industry in 1991.

He launched spam-blocking software called TerminatorTM in the late 1990s. It was installed through an ISP application at the construction stage of a PC. BlockSpamNow was launched in 2002 for the retail distribution of TerminatorTM.

After developing the software tool, Glaspie moved onto website creation. The URL for MySiteInc.net was registered in 1999 and was launched a couple of years later as a capital generating website. It was created as a free online program enabling clients to build a professional website and also make money from their site in the process.

After the success of MySiteInc, Glaspie moved onto a number of advertising ventures. This began with creating BannersGoMLM.com in 2000, a site that was created as a banner exchange and affiliate program. Shortly after, he launched BannedCo-op.com, and advertising co-operative website featuring 1:1 exchange.

The success of these sites and brands led Glaspie to launch a traffic generation tool called FreeLinksNetwork.

Glaspie’s successes, allowed him to setup Webnet International, which ranks among the largest-privately held Internet service companies in the United States. Webnet develops seven page websites, developmental work of websites, web hosting, ISP accounts, and free interactive e-mail services. It provides the base for developing web advertising through different Internet companies.

Marketing Material

Glaspie has launched a number of marketing tools including his free digital CD titled ‘I Have a Gift for You’. This CD enabled users to make money via the Internet using techniques created by Glaspie. He is also known to have created a number of marketing boot camps and instructional audio books.


  • Hot Wires - Secrets of the 900 Number Industry (1991)
  • The Ultimate Money Machine - Profits Online (2002)


After Glaspie’s web success, with Webnet International and other online services, a number of online personalities began to impersonate him. This was said to be an attempt to cash in on his growing reputation and popularity.

Personal life

Michael has also served in public office as an elected Trustee in his home community. He also served as president of the Michigan Rental Housing Association where he frequently met with legislators in successful efforts to write and pass important legislation affecting rental housing law and practices.


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